Adolf and Karl are playing, looking for pretty shapes 2018
Bronze edition (44)
Ballistic gel baluster edition (77)
Ballistic gel volute edition (77)

_Shown during Antwerp Art 2018 at Marion De Cannière Art Space, Antwerp/BE.
_Wood and plexiglass display edition as shown in group show Somewhere in between, BOZAR, Brussels/ BE

This series of editions, first conceived as a more functional part, are a re-cast of emancipated elements originating from the #KOCHU series. The bronze casts, attached to the wall remind of a doorknob or clothing hanger. Installed at the suggestive height of 90cm, the evocation becomes more apparent when the shape is re-cast in ballistic gel, a synthetic modified gelatin developed to mimic the human body and used to simulate bullet impact on human flesh. The organic modeled form is a naive interpretation of the architectural baluster shape, a recurrent archetype. The given names refer to A. Loos and K. Marx. Respectively symbolizing the disregard of ornament in modern architecture and design, and object fetishism as the representation of social relations within production process. The naively modeled architectural ornament in gelatin becomes a transgressive fetish, a product of play.