/#KOCHU, ko-chuu, 壺中; Edo period architectural concept. Translates as “in the jar”, refers to the Japanese tradition of constructing small, enclosed physical spaces, wich create the impression of a separate universe./

These scenographic interventions take the shape of modular structures assembled into an ecology of forms. Every edition, the design is based on the precedents of the previous scenography. The remainder of previous scenographic iterations, among cut-up and refurbished elements, form the basis of designing new shapes informed by the specificities of the venue and the needs of the users. Measurement, proportion, material and color are therefore recurrent in creating a context-responsive scenography, holding mid-way between architecture, sculpture and furniture.

With Emmanuel van der Auwera, Margaritta Maximova, Maarten De Vrieze, Saddie Choua, Mark Pozlep, Jelena Vanoverbeek, Kobe Wens, Vesna Faasen & Lukas Verdijk.