YU#Urushiprint (serie) 2015
140 x 70 x 5
黒ろう色 (black urushi)
下地 (raw urushi)

Urushi types (japanese lackquer)
Silkscreen prints, 3 in frame.
(temp. display as shown at Kapo&CAAK residency, Kanazawa/JP)

The apparent graphical qualities of the imagery evoked by the projected membranes sparked an attention for image making. The slides depicted deep, orange and black-brown images with vibrant lines created by the shrink of the urushi. They are reminiscent of bacteria yet they also hold a more atmospheric quality like visions of the underworld (another translation of the character 幽). This second stage deployed techniques like silk screen printing and photography to capture these images by using urushi lacquer instead of ink for printing. In folding the material onto itself, manipulating and dissecting, it lost its glossy and thixotropic quality in the process. Analogue to its decay whilst being reduced to a mere flat image they resulted in a succession of 3 prints per frame as to show this degredation in quality.