#ZOME#Nobori 2018
350 x 45
silk, cotton, indigo dye, aluminium

Nobori (幟) is a Japanese banner. They are long, narrow flags, attached to a pole with a cross-rod to hold the fabric straight out and prevent it from furling around the rod; this way, the field is always visible and identifiable.

In this series a lathe was used to turn a wooden shaft that served for dying a silk strip with natural indigo in ita jime shibori (or shape-resist technique) colaborating with the Textile crafts dept. at Kanazawa College of Art. The flag carries the drawing of the wooden shaft, an imprint of cultural data. The original bambo pole is cast in aluminium as to introduce modern material into a traditional shape. As a banner it promotes co-exhistence of cultural ideology and advocates methodologic cross-polination.